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Google Sells More Paid Clicks for Less

July 23, 2012

When we think about local advertising Google search has a lot going for it.   It’s cheaper than newspaper advertising, has better targeting than direct mail and it’s faster to implement, track and adjust than a radio spot.  Now we learn that the cost per click, year over year is going down, not up.  What’s […]

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Are You Keeping Up with the Shift to Digital?

July 11, 2012

The shift in ad spending from traditional advertising to digital continues to grow according to data from a May 2012 survey of senior-level marketers and agency principals by business development company RSW/US . According to a blog on Overall, digital is commanding an ever-growing piece of the marketing pie—44% of respondents spent at least half of […]

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Online Consumers Search for Store Coupons more than Brand Coupons

July 9, 2012

I always thought that consumers would have a product or brand in mind when they started their search for coupons or special offers online, according to this study I was wrong. Consumers searching online for coupons and savings are far more likely to be looking for store-centric deals than product-specific promotions,according to [pdf] a analysis of […]

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Connecting Print to Localized Landing Pages

July 2, 2012

There are lots of reasons to connect your local print advertising to local digital landing pages.   The biggest reason is that consumers want more information than what a newspaper ad or direct mail piece can give them and they are already inclined to go online for more information, so it makes sense to make […]

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Go Local, Go Digital…Go Now

June 27, 2012

As print newspaper advertising continues its downward trend there are lots of questions about where to move those local advertising dollars.  The simple answer is to go online but online is a big place. Here’s a good chart from the IAB that may help you think through what it means to go digital locally. The […]

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Here’s Another Way to Protect Dealers from Showrooming

June 1, 2012

Showrooming is a new phrase used to describe consumers who use their smartphone or tablet computers while they are in the store to find a better price and buy elsewhere.  Earlier we blogged about how Target wants to sell only unique products to defeat the practice and they have the muscle to demand that from […]

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Tablet Computers Aren’t As Mobile As You May Think

May 11, 2012

Local marketing in the digital age is constantly changing for the better and simultaneously getting more confusing.   What you thought was true yesterday may not be true today.  As a case in point, there is a recent study out that shows that consumers use their tablet computer in the home 74% of the time. […]

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Mobile Search is the New Google

May 4, 2012

Local advertising is changing from traditional media to digital, from offline to online.  Well here is an interesting chart from BIA/Kelsey that shows a dramatic shift within the dramatic shift to online. The number of mobile searches is going to surpass the number of searches done from desktop computers by 2015 and keep rising from […]

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Online Coupons vs. Offline Coupons

April 23, 2012

Here’s are some interesting survey results from a recent blog post. For years coupons were the exclusive property of the print world and old habits are hard to change. Now, according to this research, it takes combining mail, magazines and newspaper coupons to  come up with a percentage of consumers who prefer something else over […]

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Google Adword Campaigns by Zip Codes

April 9, 2012

If you’re responsible for a brand where your dealers have defined markets, Google Adwords has just made your life a lot better.  Google Adword campaigns can now be restricted to appear in specific zip codes, to match the exclusive markets you’ve given to your dealers. Above is a screen shot from Google’s blog entry explaining […]

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