National brands can control more, lead more, and make it easier for their channel partners to grow their local business.

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Complex channel marketing processes should be automated to increase productivity, protect brand, and grow revenue.

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National brand marketing is not enough. Local marketing reaches more consumers closest to the point of purchase and improves loyalty to the brand and the channel partner.

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Revenue Growth & Marketing ROI

What is marketing ROI?  It’s the return in known sales or tracked sales leads from your marketing investment.  ROI in marketing is a hot topic, as budget pressure intensifies and digital platforms can be traced directly to sales.  Brands selling through channels can increase revenue growth and improve ROI on marketing spend with JGSullivan’s local marketing portal and integrated ad builder system that ensures brand and legal compliance at the retail level.

Cost Control & Operational Efficiency

Marketing cost control & operational efficiency are needs of every National and International brand. We understand your marketplace is evolving daily. We understand your need to reduce costly, manual operations and provide your channel partners with local marketing campaigns to boost their sales – marketing your product online.

Field Brand Compliance Control

You’ve invested in your brand. Protect it with JGSullivan’s brand compliance portal and integrated ad builder that creates brand-friendly newspaper ads, Google landing pages, microsites, e-commerce solutions, mobile sites and more for your local channel partners. Brand compliance and control at retail is more complicated than ever in today’s evolving media world as retailers can now increase their local visibility from an endless supply of oftentimes questionable digital material.

Field Adoption & Ease of Use

User adoption is key to the success of any platform. A system seldom used isn’t protecting your brand, and worse, it’s wasting your marketing resources. The adoption of technology to simplify a business process will always be a challenge, but it’s one we’ve been perfecting for more than 17+ years.

Channel Conflict

We understand that channel conflict is a challenge when your channel partners want to put your competitors next to your trademark on their homepage, or when they want to link from your dealer or retail locator to their website with all of your competitors’ information. These are real challenges, but ones that can be worked through to find a mutual interest with your channel partners, so they can grow their business while you can protect your brand.

Consumer Behavior & Technology Changes

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that consumer behavior online has changed dramatically with the advent of new technologies. As a result, more brands are focusing on helping their channel partners engage and shape online consumer behavior. Brands leverage their online content because it is a benefit to both the brand and the retailer when consumer see a consistently professional brand presentation nationally and locally. Creating this influential marketing manually is costly and time-consuming.

Custom Solution Flexibility & Integration

We understand that it’s frustrating being stuck with software that is not flexible to meet the everyday challenges of your channel partners. Our custom solution flexibility saves you the trouble of trying to manage your internal marketing process and the local marketing needs of your channel partners with an off the shelf product that can’t be customized to fit your needs.

Our Technology

Our technology helps you address your biggest challenges quickly and easily. JG Sullivan private cloud hosting gets your business marketing solution up and running with little or no internal IT resource time required.

JGSullivan’s AdBuilder, MyAdExpress, helps your channel partners create brand and legally compliant marketing materials for their local market. Traditional print and digital campaigns can all be managed and tracked from one system to increase the productivity and profitability at every level of your organization. Whether you sell through dealers, retailers, agents, franchisees, or other channel partners, our portal is flexible and configurable to meet your corporate needs as well as the needs of your channel partners.

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The JGSullivan digital asset management system is world-class and designed to be implemented standalone or together with our adbuilder application, and offer your organization the flexibility and customization needed to fit your business needs. Allow us to help you eliminate avoidable mistakes and inefficiencies in traditional business systems by implementing JGSullivan’s digital asset management system to manage your brand assets and make it easier for your channel partners to locate, download, and even customize assets for their local marketing.

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Our eCommerce capabilities can move that purchase decision up from the retail floor to your customer’s browser. This works perfectly for durable goods sold through independent retail dealers…think appliances, lawn and garden equipment, outdoor power equipment and more. We call it “collaborative commerce” because the brand manufacturer and dealer collaborate to close the sale. The sales process starts on the brand website, where a consumer chooses a product and accessories, then a local dealer and finishes the checkout process.

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It’s never been a good idea to link directly from your brand website to your dealer’s site, as often times you are sending a potential customer right into the hands of outdated information or worse, a competitive brand! Our local marketing platform allows you to create single-branded, mobile responsive HTML content for each of your dealers, to keep potential customers thinking only about your brand all the way to the cash register.

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With so many social media and search advertising and marketing options, your dealers need guidance and resources to compete and succeed online (mobile, social, SEO, SEM). And, national brands need to provide content for dealers to use online to ensure the brand message is properly communicated in the local online marketplace. Our local marketing platform helps you control your brand message and extends your co-op dollars online.

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Our Platform is a marcom portal with an integrated adbuilder that builds brand-friendly traditional and new media local advertising communications for retailers. We help “wire your entire distributed marketing infrastructure” so all your brand agencies, compliance, co-op, freelance and print partners are all working together in one easy, efficient platform. We can save you money and stress by integrating with the digital asset management system, CRM system, co-op management system or whatever corporate systems you already have.

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Corporate ad budgets are shrinking every year and every co-op dollar is more important than ever. It’s a constant challenge to ensure your channel partners spend this wisely – support your brand and, most importantly, make sales. JGSullivan’s marcom portal with integrated ad builder, digital asset management, and co-op system is the winning solution to lock down the entire local marketing process.

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Local Marketing Solutions Group Named to Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies

Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. Named to Inc. 5000 for Sixth Consecutive Year – Ranks at 1600

Make it six straight years for Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. (LMSG). For the sixth consecutive year the comprehensive marketing solutions provider has made the Inc.  5000, a list of the nation’s fastest growing private companies. LMSG ranked 1600 on the 2023 list - based on a three-year growth rate of 353 percent.
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Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. announces LOI with Datable Technology to Acquire 3Tier Logic Platform

Local Marketing Solutions Group, Inc. announces LOI with Datable Technology to Acquire 3Tier Logic Platform.
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MyCommunity.Today Introduces Enhanced User Experience for Merchant Mobile Apps and Consumers

MyCommunity.Today, Inc. launches a streamlined User Experience with the MyCommunity.Today Super App to help local merchants grow their sales online and offer consumers an easier way to save.
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