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It's never been a good idea to link directly from your brand website to your dealer's site, as often times you are sending a potential customer right into the hands of outdated information or worse, a competitive brand!

Our local marketing platform allows you to create single-branded, mobile responsive HTML content for each of your dealers, to keep potential customers thinking only about your brand all the way to the cash register. With the very definition of local advertising changing as consumers quickly move from reading a newspaper to getting their news and product information online, it’s not good enough anymore to just provide customizable newspaper ads and television spots to your retailers.  Now you also have to have co-brand dealer website content,  Facebook-friendly content, e-mail campaigns, Google landing pages and mobile sites. Consumers interact with your brand in today in all types of ways, so a multi-faced strategy is necessary.

Download the: Dealer Website and Landing Page Features and Options Sheet

Through our platform, you will now have your own online syndication channel to distribute your latest product information, promotions, and brand images to all of your dealer sites.  As a national brand, you now have more control over your web presence, and as a result, have access to analytics that you have never had before.

Your dealers will thank you because the fully featured microsite platform allows them to customize the site to the needs of their local market. Dealers can add pages, post news, and events, upload their own assets and create local promotions to help better connect with the consumers in their market.


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