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Quotes from clients across all our platforms:

"If only all things in life worked as brilliantly as the Buy Online system".
- Mr. Trevor B., Website coordinator

“JGSI custom builds a system based on what their client wants and functionally, their system works better than any I have dealt with in the past.
The prior system we used had very limited customization ability and our dealers were very frustrated with it, hence the switch.
Everyone is pleased with the new Michelin Ad Builder system and JGSI has been doing a very good job for us”.
- Ms. Martha B., Sr. Marketing Manager, Customer Marketing

"Our team at Boingo Wireless needed an expert 3rd party usability study for our online airport buy-flows. It's a critical part of our business. The team at JGSullivan put together a comprehensive analysis with detailed recommendations that helped us quickly move in the right direction."
- Ms. Dawn C., Vice President, Consumer Marketing

“We have been working with Sullivan for about two years now and I would not hesitate to recommend them.
I have found them to be honest and reputable. We evaluated three other candidates prior to York going with JGSI including in-house development. What impressed me most is that they deliver as promised. Any delay that we experienced usually was due to our own inability to respond rapidly enough to requests for information. I like dealing with them and I wouldn't say it if I didn't mean it.”
- Mr. Andy F., Marketing Manager

Quotes from channel partners:

“It was so easy and our savings of time and money was huge-- just huge-- with Campaign Designer. We created something in about 15 minutes that could have literally taken months to produce and would have cost a lot more money than we paid.
We uncovered an IBM ThinkPad lead and won a $150,000 sale by being in the right place at the right time thanks to this campaign.”
- Mr. David G., SoftSmith Systems (Authorized IBM Value Added Reseller)

“I use Ad Express eight to ten times a month and am very familiar with most of the functions…”
“It is an excellent product. I work with several companies which offer a program to build my own ads and Ad Express by far is the most user friendly.
It has made my job a lot easier”.
- Kevin C., Barker Implement (Authorized John Deere dealer)

“Our Sales are up in just about every category and particularly ahead in those areas that we had highlighted in the flyers”.
- Rick Z., Peace Farm Power (Authorized John Deere dealer)

“I see this as a real good selling tool. It’s a great way to introduce our company to customers”.
- Lin W., Funk Electrical Services, Inc. (Authorized York HVAC dealer)

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