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JGSullivan's AdBuilder, MyAdExpress, helps your channel partners create brand and legally compliant marketing materials for their local market. Traditional print and digital campaigns can all be managed and tracked from one system to increase the productivity and profitability at every level of your organization. Whether you sell through dealers, retailers, agents, franchisees, or other channel partners, our portal is flexible and configurable to meet your corporate needs as well as the needs of your channel partners.

  • One System: AdBuilder, Digital Asset Management, Co-Op
  • Simple Cost Structure
  • Experience You Can Trust

One System: AdBuilder, Digital Asset Management, Co-Op

AdBuilder: Our adbuilder creates efficiency in your local marketing process by utilizing our proprietary template uploading tool powered with Adobe InDesign, your brand designers can create/upload new templates for free -- with no waiting.  Check out our new 2016 Features here.

  1. Central repository for all your marketing needs
  2. Single sign-on for quick/easy access
  3. Groups/Permissions to restrict access by login
  4. Admin suite to manage/control everything
  5. Printer/Vendor-agnostic for easy deployment
  6. Set up and manage according to your rules

Digital Asset Management(DAM): The JGSullivan digital asset management system is world-class and designed to be implemented standalone or together with our adbuilder application, and offer your organization the flexibility and customization needed to fit your business needs. Learn More

Co-Op Management: our marcom portal with integrated ad builder and e-commerce solution that interfaces with your co-op administrative partner to lock down the entire process. Today we’re doing this and more with some of the best known, most respected brand names in the world. Learn More


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Simple Cost Structure

Deploying is easy with a simple one-time deployment charge, then fixed monthly hosting thereafter. (No variable "per user" or "seat license" fees to make budgeting easy).

Experience You Can Trust

JGSullivan has been helping Fortune 500 brands (and thousands of their dealers) manage their digital assets and protect their brands using web-based systems since 1996.

As a software company with a 61-year history of helping national brands, JGSullivan is uniquely qualified to support your local marketing initiatives and help your channel partners generate more revenue and increase their marketing ROI.

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