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Marketing professionals spend thousands of dollars to make their promotional materials look perfect.  Layout, type fonts, images, color — everything is scrutinized and painstakingly reviewed until it’s ready to represent the brand out in the public.   Imagine my surprise when I saw this hanging on my front door.  Notice the black marker redacting out the national information in favor of his local phone number, which was on the opposite side.



Who am I kidding?  I’ve been working with local dealer organizations for years.  I’m not surprised to see this at all, because I see it often.  Local dealers, franchisees or agents don’t want me to call a national number or connect to the national website for fear that I’ll be referred to a competing dealer.  This is a great example illustrating the need for an ad builder system where a dealer could professionally replace his phone number or web address in place of the national number.  It’s not that complicated.  Our InDesign plug-in allows clients to load and tag their creative files for free whenever they want.

Twenty years after print-on-demand technology arrived on the scene, we still see examples like this…so it’s always instructive to be reminded of what happens in your local market and see this first-hand.

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