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Our eCommerce capabilities can move that purchase decision up from the retail floor to your customer's browser.  This works perfectly for durable goods sold through independent retail dealers...think appliances, lawn and garden equipment, outdoor power equipment and more. We call it "collaborative commerce" because the brand manufacturer and dealer collaborate to close the sale.The sales process starts on the brand website, where a consumer chooses a product and accessories, then a local dealer and finishes the checkout process.

  • Collaborative Commerce
  • Sales Process Steps
  • Experience You Can Trust

Collaborative Commerce

Our system has defined roles for corporate, fulfillment partner (seller), and channel (buyer) so everyone does what they do best, just more efficiently.

  1. Local dealer order fulfillment
  2. Checkout cart on dealer's website
  3. Corporate managed product administration
  4. Sell to your channel partners

Sales Process Steps

  1. The sales process begins on the brand website, where the consumer selects their products and accessories.
  2. The local dealer finishes the checkout process.
  3. The local dealer manages delivery and future service/sales of their new customer.

Experience You Can Trust

JGSullivan has been helping Fortune 500 brands (and thousands of their dealers) manage their digital assets and protect their brands using web-based systems since 1996.

As a software company with a 61-year history of helping national brands, JGSullivan is uniquely qualified to support your local marketing initiatives and help your channel partners generate more revenue and increase their marketing ROI.

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