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Here is a very good article from FastCompany.com that focuses on the way digital content must be shared between owned and earned media, even to the point of blurring the distinctions between the two.


From the article,

Many marketers are not doing a good enough job supporting their earned content once it’s created. They have forgotten that “earned” media is just that–earned by generating ongoing interest through frequent updates and thoughtful curation. These marketers have shifted too much of the responsibility from themselves to the very customers they are trying to court. Sometimes it’s done to save money and sometimes to speed content delivery. Whatever the reason the results are often the same–a channel that is low in engagement and participants.

Marketers could learn a lot from traditional publishers in this arena. The criteria for successful content must increasingly include reuse and sharing measures. Content that is widely shared and easily syndicated across multiple channels is more successful than content that has a one-time use. And content that is not shareable is arguably not strategic. Shared content is, after all, a catalyst for advocacy, which was one of the primary goals of earned media.

While the author is talking about allowing consumers to interact with brand content and then share it across social media the idea works even better if you think about sharing content with your dealers and allowing them to add their value to the sales proposition and then share it across the internet.

A modern ad builder allows dealers to do just that when it is capable of allowing dealers to customize brand friendly templates into landing pages that are hosted in the system and shared in the brand’s dealer locator, on the dealer’s website, on the dealer’s social site, email efforts and more.  Not to mention paid search and banner ad landing pages.

Sharing is a good thing.



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