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What is marketing ROI?  It's the return in known sales or tracked sales leads from your marketing investment. ROI in marketing is a hot topic, as budget pressure intensifies and digital platforms can be traced directly to sales. Brands selling through channels can increase revenue growth and improve ROI on marketing spend with JGSullivan's local marketing portal and integrated ad builder system that ensures brand and legal compliance at the retail level.

Control your brand message at every step of the purchase process. JGSullivan's local marketing platform allows you to efficiently provide materials to your channel partners for direct mail campaigns, brochures, newspaper ads, Google landing pages, co-branded microsites, e-commerce solutions, mobile sites, Facebook-friendly HTML, social sharing, and more. These are just a few of the ways consumers will interact with your brand before making a purchase.

Productivity and profitability will be increased at every level of your marketing and channel organization. You'll be able to track everything and download actionable data to improve marketing ROI analysis. We will help you analyze the data and make the necessary changes to your local marketing efforts to ensure an increase in revenue growth and increase your ROI for marketing.

We've been doing this and more for major brands for over 58 years, and we can help you drive profitable growth.

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