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With so many social media and search advertising and marketing options, your dealers need guidance and resources to compete and succeed online (mobile, social, SEO, SEM). And, national brands need to provide content for dealers to use online to ensure the brand message is properly communicated in the local online marketplace. Our local marketing platform helps you control your brand message and extends your co-op dollars online.

Pay-per-click, Mobile, Display, Facebook ads & brand pages, Content for blogs, twitter, websites, and Social media managed on a single platform.

Platform Features Include:

  1. Pay-Per Click Search Advertising
  2. Mobile Search Advertising
  3. Online Display Advertising
  4. Facebook Ads and Brand Pages
  5. Content for Blogs, Twitter, and Websites
  6. Asset Library Level Versioning

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Pay-Per-Click Search Advertising

Without coordinated online advertising efforts, local dealers’ campaigns may bid directly against national campaigns, driving up costs for everyone. Our turnkey program sets up ads, keywords, bid strategy and recommended spending levels for your dealers. Reporting for dealers let them know how their campaign is performing. Admin-level reporting shares insights across all campaigns and allows us to optimize each dealer’s campaign for the highest return on investment. We coordinate with your national campaign to ensure upper funnel shoppers are directed to the brand and lower funnel shoppers are directed to the local dealer where they can complete the purchase.

Mobile Search Advertising

Extending your PPC campaigns with Mobile Ads will ensure your dealers are part of the purchase consideration process for customers who are searching online from mobile devices. Click-to-Call and Brand-approved Mobile Landing Pages help ensure a good consumer experience.  Call tracking and landing page analytics provide insights on the local spend.

Online Display Advertising

As an extension of the local PPC Search Advertising campaign, co-branded Online Display Advertising is targeted only to consumers in the dealer’s local market, both contextually and with re-targeting.

Online marketing design with SEO, SEM, SMM for websites

Facebook Ads and Brand Pages

Many retailers are already setting up their pages on Facebook, but lack quality content to make your brand look good to their followers. Our local marketing platform lets your dealers utilize your brand-approved templates to add your quality content to their Facebook pages. Your dealers can also use your approved copy and graphics to run Facebook ads to customers in their local market.

Content for Blogs, Twitter, and Websites

Having quality content helps your dealers get found on search engines and helps them engage online with customers. Our local marketing platform becomes the central location for your dealers to access your videos, articles and photos to keep their websites and social media sites fresh.

  1. Pay-Per Click Search Advertising2. Mobile Search Advertising
  2. Online Display Advertising
  3. Facebook Ads and Brand Pages
  4. Content for Blogs, Twitter, and Websites
  5. Asset Library Level Versioning
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