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Is Geo-Coding Going to Kill National Advertising?

May 29, 2009

With all of the improvements in technology, where our ability to target  into more precise and more precise physical localities, are we about to dramatically eliminate the need for national advertising or at least redefine it? For the sake of conversation let’s just talk about products that are purchased locally in a store, like most […]

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The Last Four Feet of the Online Sale

May 12, 2009

This White Paper will show you how savvy manufacturers are using the Web to shift the balance of power in their favor, and create a win-win scenario with their best retail partners.

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SMBs are Starting to Get It!

April 22, 2009

By John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. Finally, as printed newspaper readership is dwindling to the point where the newspapers themselves are going out of business and printed Yellow Page usage drops too, retailers are starting to look at the Internet as a better alternative…finally. In most durable goods businesses it’s now safe to say that […]

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Internet Strategy for Your Dealers

April 20, 2009

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. It’s amazing to watch lots of great brand names struggle with taking a consumer from their brand site to their dealer site and eventually into the store seamlessly. I don’t know if it’s worse to see dealer locators offering nothing more than a street address and link to a […]

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Share Google AdWords with Your Retailers

March 1, 2008

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. Did you realize that Google feeds AdWords based on the physical location of the searcher? So, instead of buying AdWords on a national basis you can localize your purchase with dealer co-branded AdWords copy, a co-branded landing page or even a co-brand microsite landing. That way when you buy […]

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Dealer Dis-locator

February 29, 2008

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. One of the biggest problems with brand sites today is that they leave the consumer to fend for themselves to find the right local dealer or worse yet send the consumer to the dealer’s website that is often times loaded with competitive information. It’s like putting a poster for […]

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Selling Online Through Your Dealer

February 29, 2008

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. John Deere does it the right way! Brand managers want to sell online because they have a very interested consumer on their site often times ready to buy right now. Send them to the store and you risk losing the sale to a salesman getting a spiff. Sell directly […]

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