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By John Sullivan

JGSullivan Interactive, Inc.

Finally, as printed newspaper readership is dwindling to the point where the newspapers themselves are going out of business and printed Yellow Page usage drops too, retailers are starting to look at the Internet as a better alternative…finally.

In most durable goods businesses it’s now safe to say that 70% of all consumers who walk into a store did research online before coming in. Yet retailers are still using the printed Yellow Pages.

Here’s some good news according to a study done by Borrell Associates.

“Spending by small- and medium-sized businesses on “non-advertising” marketing will more than triple over the next five years to $1.63 billion as local companies pour money into building out their Web sites and other promotional efforts online.”

The article goes on to explain the blurring of buying adwords and banner ads versus spending money on their Web sites with the final analysis being that retailers are starting to adapt to how their customers are shopping by using the Internet more and more.

Now, co-op fund managers have to adjust too and help their retailers move dollars to the Internet in the right way. Google local search, online ad banner builders, dealer locator landing pages and many more good ideas quickly come to mind.

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