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By Brett Knobloch

JGSullivan Interactive, Inc.

Now we all know that economic cycles go up and down. Now we are in a down cycle hopefully on our way up. While painful, recessions do force organizations to rethink how their money is spent and prompts cost cutting and greater efficiency. “We’re all trying to do more with less” is the mantra spoken almost universally.

One way companies are doing more with less is to automate their marketing support using an online adbuilder system.

Adbuilder systems simply take templated marketing and advertising materials and allow instant localization by channel sellers – all online with no special software. These smart companies see an immediate return on investment vs. manually responding to requests to modify ads and marketing materials for each channel partner, and they protect their brand in the process.

Here’s an illustration of the costs and benefits of this approach:


As you can see, theMyAdExpress adbuilder system reduces cost vs. hiring more staff to support marketing activities. The system also is available 24/7 to help channel partners when the corporate staff is busy, on vacation or otherwise unavailable.

Certainly recessions don’t feel good, but do force some much-needed change and improvement in our processes. Cutting un-necessary marketing support costs now allow for more investment in product development, advertising, research and other advancements that will spur business growth in the long term.

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