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by John Sullivan

JGSullivan Interactive, Inc.

Did you realize that Google feeds AdWords based on the physical location of the searcher?

So, instead of buying AdWords on a national basis you can localize your purchase with dealer co-branded AdWords copy, a co-branded landing page or even a co-brand microsite landing. That way when you buy Google AdWords you’re not driving up the cost for your local retailers and they won’t be driving your bid up, you’re working with them. Plus, your spending your money in markets where you know the consumer will be taken well care of.

Co-branding your ad with the local dealer’s name will improve your click-through rate .

Having control over the landing page will insure your brand and message is protected.

You’ll be able to track the effectiveness of your promotion all the way to the cash register.

Get your best dealers to add their co-op funds to your buy and you really extend your national advertising budget.

Google is the new Yellow Pages…only a thousand times better!

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