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Local Digital Advertising to Grow 31% in 2013

January 23, 2013

Lots of studies predicting where local digital advertising is heading in the near future and none better that what Borrell and Associates is predicting.  This chart is from an article on where they also report these findings: According to a report from Borrell Associates, “2013 Local Advertising Outlook: Get Ready for the Rebound,” US local digital […]

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Age-Old Problem for Printed Newspapers Growing Rapidly

January 15, 2013

Printed newspapers have been suffering from consumers moving to the internet for several years, as ad dollars follow consumer behavior and move online, too.  This challenge may be accelerating as noted in an interesting insight on the Reflections of a Newsosaur blog. From the blog: The above calculations caused me to check my math several extra times, because […]

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Newspaper Then Online Most Popular Media Ad Buys for Dealers

January 14, 2013

Here’s a very recent report on what media small businesses are using locally to promote themselves. The chart is from a study done by Borrell Associates, the article you can read is from where they go on to explain that: Newspaper ad expenditures have been on a steady decline for several quarters now, but SMBs still […]

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Online Gets Biggest Share of Local Ad Spend

January 11, 2013

If you’re involved with co-op advertising then this is an important chart for you to see. The research is from Borrell and Associates and you can buy the full report here. This study along with many others recently released clearly indicate the move from traditional advertising to online advertising for local marketing.  Local retailers are simply […]

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Digital Ad Spend Will Be 25% of Total Spend in 2016

January 10, 2013

Here’s a chart from that tracks the growth in digital ad spend worldwide and shows it as a percentage of total ad spend.   By 2016 digital will makeup 25% of the total ad dollars spent: Worldwide, digital ad spending passed the $100-billion mark for the first time last year, according to new eMarketer […]

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Auto Advertising in Printed Newspapers Skidding to a Stop?

January 9, 2013

We’re keeping an eye on the movement of local advertising dollars from traditional media to digital and here’s another report that confirms the extent of the transition.   Now we quickly remind everyone that we’re dealing in billions of dollars here so there is still a decent amount of revenue for printed newspapers, but the […]

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Google+ Making Connections Whether You Like It Or Not

January 4, 2013

Google+ is trying even harder in 2013 to catch up with Facebook and they plan on doing it by making connections you may not like. According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, Some users of Google’s services are startled to learn how far the integration can reach. Sam Ford, a 26-year-old Navy […]

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Don’t Forget About Email Marketing

January 3, 2013

We spend a lot of time researching the many ways that local retail advertising is changing from traditional media to digital.  A great example of how retailers are moving to digital is in the growth of email over the last several years, including a 19% growth this past year. This chart is from a post […]

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Facebook Users are Willing to Share Product Information

January 2, 2013

Giving your independent dealers information about your products that they can post to their Facebook sites is a good idea. Here’s why according to an article on A July 2012 survey of Facebook users in the US by social commerce service provider 8thBridge found that while a substantial number of respondents did not share info about […]

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Social Media Usage on the Rise for SMBs

December 10, 2012

Here’s a recent report from that paints a good picture of where small businesses are today with their usage of social media and how according to Facebook the trend is up. From the article, Small businesses are behind in their adoption of social media, finds Hiscox in survey results released in December 2012. Just 35% of […]

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