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Here’s a very recent report on what media small businesses are using locally to promote themselves.

Local media buysThe chart is from a study done by Borrell Associates, the article you can read is from where they go on to explain that:

Newspaper ad expenditures have been on a steady decline for several quarters now, but SMBs still see the local paper as a valuable advertising medium, finds Borrell Associates [download page] in a newly released study. Based on a survey of 1,756 SMBs in December 2012, the study found 64% reporting having purchased ads in local newspapers, slightly ahead of the proportion who had bought online ads (excluding mobile – 62%). A majority had also invested in advertising in other local publications (54%), while direct mail (45%) remains popular too.

Consumers have moved dramatically from reading printed newspapers to getting their news and  information online and study after study indicates that consumers in the mood to buy a new product research online before going into a local retailer to make a purchase but according to this study, retailers still like to buy printed newspaper ads more than they like to buy online ads.

Maybe it’s because dealers don’t know how to buy online ads or have the technical skills to make it happen.  I think in large part it’s due to local newspapers having local reps calling on dealers.  No one walks into a dealer today and says, “Hi, I’m from the internet let me tell you what’s new today.”

If you’re involved with retail advertising for independent dealers you already know that you have to help your retailers move to digital from traditional if they want to get the best return on their advertising dollars.  If dealers are still comfortable with print you have to help them get the best bang for the dollar there, too.

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