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Printed newspapers have been suffering from consumers moving to the internet for several years, as ad dollars follow consumer behavior and move online, too.  This challenge may be accelerating as noted in an interesting insight on the Reflections of a Newsosaur blog.

Newspaper readership vs population age

From the blog:

The above calculations caused me to check my math several extra times, because the new data show that the newspaper audience has aged radically since I performed the same analysis in 2010, discovering that only 51% of newspaper readers were older than 45.  If the aging of the newspaper audience seemed like a problem for the industry in back in 2010, then the far older audience today can be regarded as nothing less than a crisis. Here’s why:

∷ The mature skew of the audience is unappealing to most advertisers, who generally target individuals in the early life stages of forming households and raising children.  The older audience delivered by newspapers could reduce the sales potential for an industry that already has lost more than half of its advertising since hitting an all-time high of $49.4 billion in 2005.

So now 74% of the readership is older than 45, up from 51% in 2010 and it is safe to say that unless something dramatic happens the younger generations are not going to pick up the slack.
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