Facebook Users are Willing to Share Product Information

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Giving your independent dealers information about your products that they can post to their Facebook sites is a good idea.

Here’s why according to an article on eMarketer.com

A July 2012 survey of Facebook users in the US by social commerce service provider 8thBridge found that while a substantial number of respondents did not share info about products at all on social media, those who did were heavily predisposed to doing so on Facebook. In fact, 63% said they used Facebook to alert their friends and family to products, compared to 25% who did the same on Twitter. Clearly, the results in this case are heavily weighted toward Facebook, as the sample drew solely from Facebook users, but the data does demonstrate that a majority of those on the social network are willing to create awareness of products.

The real good news is that this kind of local marketing is free of publication costs.

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