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Google Improves Local Search, Again.

April 29, 2009

By John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive Step by step Google is getting better at localizing the Internet for us and thereby doing a better job than the printed and Internet Yellow Pages at getting us around our town. Here’s a link to the Google Blog entry where you’ll learn that from now on if you search […]

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Recessions are Good?

April 23, 2009

By Brett Knobloch JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. Now we all know that economic cycles go up and down. Now we are in a down cycle hopefully on our way up. While painful, recessions do force organizations to rethink how their money is spent and prompts cost cutting and greater efficiency. “We’re all trying to do more […]

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SMBs are Starting to Get It!

April 22, 2009

By John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. Finally, as printed newspaper readership is dwindling to the point where the newspapers themselves are going out of business and printed Yellow Page usage drops too, retailers are starting to look at the Internet as a better alternative…finally. In most durable goods businesses it’s now safe to say that […]

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Internet Strategy for Your Dealers

April 20, 2009

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. It’s amazing to watch lots of great brand names struggle with taking a consumer from their brand site to their dealer site and eventually into the store seamlessly. I don’t know if it’s worse to see dealer locators offering nothing more than a street address and link to a […]

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Just Call Me?

April 20, 2009

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive We ran a test with one of our clients where we were trying to track the effectiveness of a Google Local AdWord campaign. We tested in several different markets with different promotions and the results were much better than expected. Suffice it to say that a dollar spent on Google […]

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Share Google AdWords with Your Retailers

March 1, 2008

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. Did you realize that Google feeds AdWords based on the physical location of the searcher? So, instead of buying AdWords on a national basis you can localize your purchase with dealer co-branded AdWords copy, a co-branded landing page or even a co-brand microsite landing. That way when you buy […]

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