Google Improves Local Search, Again.

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By John Sullivan

JGSullivan Interactive

Step by step Google is getting better at localizing the Internet for us and thereby doing a better job than the printed and Internet Yellow Pages at getting us around our town.

Here’s a link to the Google Blog entry where you’ll learn that from now on if you search for “dentist” Google can determine where you are by your IP and feed you map results in your area that show local dentists.  You don’t have to enter a city name or zip code.

As more and more consumers rely on Google for local search then, of course, it will be more attractive to advertisers to buy local Google AdWords where Google has already developed the ability for advertisers to pinpoint their markets with their AdWord buys.

The challenge for Google is to make it easier for local retailers to buy Google AdWords and so far they’ve not been able to make it simple.

I think that’s where the brand managers come in and develop the tools and the rationale for their local retailers to take advantage of what Google is offering. The brands that move fast will have a huge advantage over others that are still making it easy for retailers to buy the printed Yellow Pages and newspaper ads by providing ad slicks and making them co-op friendly even though there is a much better solution.

Local advertising is being re-invented right before our eyes.

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