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The Power of Gratitude in Marketing

August 21, 2015

We received a letter in the mail recently at our home.  It was from AT&T (and full disclosure is a client) addressed to my family who has multiple cell phone plans with the company.  Upon opening I found a simple thank you letter from the Vice President and General Manager with responsibility over our local […]

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Find Success at the Nexus of Consumer Needs

June 10, 2015

Any marketer not aware of the tremendous growth across three key dimensions might be accused of living under a rock in 2015, but it’s in tying them together where we understand them in context. The three dimensions here are: Device, Intent, and Content.  (Aka Mobile, Local, Video)     Mobile: The biggest force in online […]

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Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc. dba JGSullivan Interactive acquires Sheboygan WI Ad Agency, DuFour Advertising

June 4, 2015

  Rapidly growing marketing solutions technology firm expands agency services capabilities with the acquisition of award winning creative agency.   According to Local Marketing Solutions Group Inc.’s President & CEO, Al Croke, the acquisition of DuFour was made with a general focus on ad agency services and with specific emphasis on traditional creative and video […]

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Use Online to Drive Retail Results

March 31, 2015

We published a blog post in late 2012 entitled “Majority of Sales will be “Web-Influenced” in 2015” which reflected on research by Forrester comparing online only, retail only, and web-influenced retail.  Given how many have historically characterized the impact of online as “only e-commerce” which is small in comparison to traditional retail, it was worth […]

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auto dealer advertising trends

Auto Dealers’ use of digital marketing is the canary in the media coalmine

November 21, 2014

We’ve been tracking the advertising behavior of small and medium businesses (SMB’s) for years, noting the dramatic increase in social media and promotions instead of traditional advertising spending (see recent videos and blogs).   A recent report published by Borrell Associates on the Automotive Advertising outlook adds fuel to the fire. Here are some highlights: […]

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Changing Consumer Behavior and Implications for Local SEO & SEM

October 14, 2014
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Protect Your Brand in the Tricky Hand-Off to that Dealer Website

September 2, 2014

Many manufacturer brands are following a “lesser of two evils” strategy when managing their dealer locators, or developing PPC landing pages for their dealers.   On one hand, brands link directly to their dealers’ websites, and risk a poor experience that damages their brand.  Classic examples of this are competitor brands showing up, competitor promotions […]

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CMO’s disappoint CEO’s – as marketing changes the pressure is on

July 30, 2014

After reading the news of three CMO’s being released last week I began to dig around for some research to give more context to the challenges faced by today’s CMO.  This topic caught my attention when I read some global research by Accenture last year – and became the subject of a popular video blog we […]

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Retailers beware – Showrooming 2.0 is upon us

June 23, 2014

New Amazon Fire phones go on sale this week, and are available for pre-order now.  Normally a new phone wouldn’t provoke a blog post, but the technologies in this one (I predict) will cause a cascade of new developments that raise the bar with the entire industry – and that is something to notice.  Check […]

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Great example of social media promotion with your channel

June 10, 2014

I’m impressed with the latest social-media based promotions from Omni Hotels & Resorts.  (Full disclosure: Omni Hotels & Resorts is one of our clients).  The Father’s Day promotion sent today leverages the Throw Back Thursday idea that is popular on Facebook and asks fans to post their photo of Dad on Instagram, follow the Omni […]

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