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Nobody likes to think of something going wrong in the marketing department.

The wrong ad ran. Product data or legal terms are out of date. Mistakes are broadcast and unfortunately the in-bound callcenter, dealers and online customer service all feel the heat. Upset dealers and injury to the brand are likely the result if not corrected quickly.

Our AdBuilder systems offer an incredible amount of control over marketing and advertising activities. We all know it, but don’t want to think about the “what if” worse case scenarios.

We had one of those recently with a client. Frantic calls and red exclamation point emails fly. It’s a big legal issue if we don’t stop these ads. “What can we do NOW???”. The AdBuilder team swung into action!
In a matter of 4.5 hours:
* the original artwork was pulled down
* all ads created were identified by number, author, date/timestamp and publication
* ads were located at print publications and recalled
* new ads were posted
* new ads were sent to print publications to meet original materials deadlines
Amazing teamwork facilitated by a well designed system. Thankfully everything worked out okay and was back to normal by lunchtime.

Do you have uber control over your dealer advertising like this? The ability to control your marketing message and brand is what separates merely good from great.
We often don’t want to think about “when disaster strikes”, but we have a group of very happy marketing clients, agency partners, (and lawyers) who are glad someone did.

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