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70% is Reason Enough

May 8, 2009

By John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive There was an interesting discussion yesterday on Greg Sterling’s Blog about the number of searches that have a local modifier to them and then Greg’s twist to try and determine how many searches end up with a local transaction. Interesting comments, too. Everyone has a slightly different view of why […]

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How Good, Better, Best Product Comparisons Increase Sales

May 6, 2009

Do your potential customers a favor and take the guesswork out of narrowing down your product offerings to those that meet their needs and make it easy to see the difference between similar products and you’ll not only make more sales, you’ll do it faster.

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Local Online Spending to Grow 6%

May 1, 2009

By John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive Borrell Associates just released a report predicting online sales spending by local companies to grow 6% in 2009. Not surprisingly the report finds that the small businesses are making the move to online out of necessity as during tough times they are searching for a more affordable way to advertise […]

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Newspapers Continue Freefall

April 30, 2009

  By Brett Knobloch   JGSullivan Interactive   Today an Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) report cited the average sales of newspapers overall declined 7.1 percent between October and March compared to the same six-month period the previous year. Of the 557 U.S. newspapers reporting their Sunday numbers, average circulation fell 5.4% in the March […]

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Recessions are Good?

April 23, 2009

By Brett Knobloch JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. Now we all know that economic cycles go up and down. Now we are in a down cycle hopefully on our way up. While painful, recessions do force organizations to rethink how their money is spent and prompts cost cutting and greater efficiency. “We’re all trying to do more […]

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Just Call Me?

April 20, 2009

by John Sullivan JGSullivan Interactive We ran a test with one of our clients where we were trying to track the effectiveness of a Google Local AdWord campaign. We tested in several different markets with different promotions and the results were much better than expected. Suffice it to say that a dollar spent on Google […]

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If website development was easy, anyone could do it

February 29, 2008

by Sharon Gillis JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. I’m not a web programmer or designer. I’m the person who works with clients to determine what the website should do. I help determine the goals for their websites, ways to meet those goals and ways to measure to make sure their website meets those goals. Only after that […]

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