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Sears got it right back in the early days of retail. They’d line up three, nearly identical, lawn mowers in a row, each with a sign that said either Good, Better or Best.

Each sign would list that mower’s features, making it easy for shoppers to see why the Best mower was more expensive than the Good mower.

Recently I was shopping online for a new mattress. Like most home furnishings shoppers, I had no intention of buying online, but before I visited a store, I wanted to have a pretty good idea of what was available to meet my needs and see if could I afford it.

The mattress websites I visited didn’t make that easy. On a particular manufacturer’s website I saw nearly identical mattresses with a price variance of thousands of dollars. But, there was no easy way to determine why one mattress was so much more expensive than another.

There were fancy names for their features, but nothing that described how one was better than another or even how they were different.

All they would need to do is offer a way for me to compare mattresses, in a simple chart showing Good Better and Best. And, in that chart make each feature a hyperlink to more information about how it will improve the quality of my sleep, comfort or whatever it was designed to do.

Taking this one step farther with an Interactive Shopping Assistant would even speed up my pre-buy shopping process. If the manufacturer would ask me a few simple questions about my needs and desires, they could guide me to the exact products that meet my criteria.

When I get overwhelmed with choices of products that I can’t see a clear distinction between, I avoid the purchase altogether. Sort of like my husband in the cereal aisle at the grocery store. There are too many choices so he often doesn’t make one, opting instead for bananas.

Do your potential customers a favor.  Take the guesswork out of narrowing down your product offerings to those that meet their needs.  And, make it easy to see the difference between similar products.  You’ll not only make more sales, you’ll do it faster.

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