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Local Advertisers Find Social Network Sites

July 15, 2009

A recent study by Borrell Associates entitled Local Ads Moving to Social Networks found that 20% of the ad spend on social networks was from local advertisers. They were surprised as most of us are at thinking that a local retailer could be so savvy to so quickly tap into this phenomenon.  They go on […]

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Fact. Consumers Want to See a Good Website and Then Talk to a Good Retailer.

July 14, 2009

A  Harris Poll study came out recently and found that the top two methods adult consumers use for gathering information for a purchase decision were using a website (36%) followed by talking to a salesperson (22%) at a local outlet.   By comparison the very hot social networking websites like Facebook are only at 4%. If […]

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5 Way to Get Started with Social Media without Getting Hurt

June 25, 2009

Quick tips to get started in social media marketing.

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