Here’s a Good Solution to Your Dealer Dis-Locator

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As the Internet matures brand managers are starting to understand the need to connect consumers from their brand site to their local dealer to complete the sale.  And, most often the first step should be to the dealer’s site, since the consumer is already online.

Unfortunately, most dealer locators link the consumer to the dealer’s own site which is often out of date, certainly not brand compliant and, way too often, loaded with competitive information.  Or, the dealer locator results aren’t much more than a white page listing giving address and phone number, not a very helpful next step to a sale.

Dealer microsites solve the problem by providing a site for every dealer that combines product information with local information and looks like the brand site.


This solves the problem for your dealer locator as you can let a consumer learn more about your local dealer and even see any local promotions.

It solves another problem too, that is, the dealers hate to link to a brand site because it has a dealer locator that shows nearby competitors and often times shows products and product categories the dealer doesn’t carry.  With a dealer microsite the dealer now has a place to link the consumer knowing that he is protected.

A good dealer microsite program is a win for the brand, for the dealer and the consumer.  These sites make for great Google landing pages, too.

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