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Our video design team has issued their latest Explainer Video Reel – comprised of short snippets from several client video set to music.  It gives you a sense of capabilities and how our clients use video.


But what do these clients know about video that you might not?



Video increases engagement on your homepage.  Studies put this between 100% and 200% increase in engagement.  What does that translate to?  Higher recall of your brand and services, better comprehension, and lower bounce rates for your homepage (compared to text).



Video is being used throughout all stages of the sales and ownership process – not just for introducing your brand.  One study by Aberdeen illustrates this trend.

Online video usage
Online video usage



Online explainer videos are affordable.  Video used to be expensive and time consuming – racking up tens of thousands of dollars and months of production time – but one to two minute online explainer videos are often completed in weeks for just a few thousand dollars.  Leverage these for your website, social media, email and for your local channel partners.

For a Guide to using Video to Increase Your Sales click here.

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