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Local marketing is changing as fast as consumers are searching for local information via their smartphones.  This chart is an indication of how fast location based marketing should be growing in your budget.

From an article on emarketer.com

In February 2012, the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that 74% of smartphone owners and 46% of adult mobile phone owners overall accessed location-based information services—defined by Pew as GPS-enabled map services or reviews of nearby attractions accessed via an app or mobile browser. These percentages were up significantly from the previous May, when 55% of smartphone owners and 28% of mobile users overall sought such services.

As consumers change their behavior so too should marketers.  One of the best ways to react to this growing trend is to extend your ad builder for dealers to include building mobile landing pages for them.  By doing that you will have great brand content, enhanced by a local dealer’s information and available for consumers who are literally in their market looking  for your product.  It’s even better if you use a system like ours that hosts the landing page so you can track every click along the way to a sale.


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