Let's End the Year on a Positive Note

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Now is the time of year when we evaluate the past and look toward the future.   Here’s a report from Wells Fargo/Gallup that tells us our small businesses are starting to feel better about their future.  And,that’s good for all of us.

Since many of our retailers fall into this category and/or sell products to consumers who work for small businesses this is a faint but nonetheless positive sign.

As the economy improves it’s clear that retailers won’t go back to the good old days of advertising, when they spent most of their money advertising on radio and in newspapers.  All of the studies we’ve seen indicate that SMBs learned a lesson during these past few years and now understand that consumers are online and they need to be there too with microsites, e-promo pages, Google landing pages, Facebook fan pages,  mobile sites and more.

If there is anything we can learn from looking back is that the future of local advertising is going to be much different, better and much more exciting than the past.  Happy New Year!

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