Click-Throughers Are A Special Breed That Is Endangered

comScore just came out with a study showing that 85% of all click-throughs on online display ads come from only 8% of online consumers.


It’s like there is a special breed of people out there that for some reason like to click on ads.   And, the total percentage of click-throughers has fallen off 50% in the last year.

According to comScore all is not wasted however as the report goes on to say that viewing a display ad significantly increases the number of consumers who search for that brand and go to the website and they saw a significant lift in both online and offline sales.

After being exposed to a display ad a consumer was 65% more likely to visit the brand site within one week and 45% more likely to visit after four weeks.

So now we’re going to measure view-throughs along with click-throughs.

The strength of the web is that you can measure everything and the weakness is exactly the same as we can’t compare online display ads to offline ads.  How valuable really is an outdoor board?

My takeaway is that we will add more metrics to display ads and find a value.  More importantly, I come back to buying adwords where it’s one of the few places where buyer and seller meet on purpose.  Let’s make sure we have that base covered both locally and nationally before we spend too much money on display ads.