Co-Op Management


Corporate ad budgets are shrinking every year and every co-op dollar is more
important than ever. It’s a constant challenge to ensure your channel partners
spend this wisely – support your brand and, most importantly, make sales.


JGSullivan’s marcom portal with integrated ad builder, digital asset management,
and co-op system is the winning solution to lock down the entire local marketing process.


If you already have a Co-op system in place, no problem, we can interface with your current
partner to lock down the entire process. Today we’re doing this and more with some of the
best known, most respected brand names in the world.

Read more about JGSullivan’s Co-Op

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     ✔ Co-Op Management System Benefits


     ✔ Simple Cost Structure


     ✔ Experience You Can Trust

Co-Op Management System Benefits


    1.     1. Control the brand message


    1.     2. Ensure all of your print/digital communications meet brand standards


    1.     3. Save time and money processing marketing pieces


      1.     4. Track and report everything that happens in the system

Co-Op Management


Simple Cost Structure

Deploying is easy with a simple one time deployment charge, then fixed monthly hosting thereafter.
(No variable “per user” or “seat license” fees to make budgeting easy).


Experience You Can Trust

JGSullivan has been helping Fortune 500 brands (and thousands of their dealers) manage their digital assets and protect their brands using web-based systems since 1996.


As a software company with a 61 year history of helping national brands, JGSullivan is uniquely qualified to support your local marketing initiatives and help your channel partners generate more revenue and increase their marketing ROI.


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