The Tipping Point in Retail, and how Brands Rebalance

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News from the last 30 days has us convinced that a tipping point has been reached with major brands selling online through Amazon.


Once a sensitive subject among major brands who feared a backlash and loss of business from their traditional retail channel, the floodgates now appear to be open.


The June 22nd edition of the Wall Street Journal, “Nike No Longer Runs From Amazon” broke the news of Nike reversing a long held stance of only selling through department stores and specialty retail outlets.  Citing the decline of traditional retail volume, it felt the need to strike a deal directly with Amazon.  For its part, Amazon will crack down on 3rd party sites and counterfeit goods, which helps Nike.  Nevertheless, footwear retailer stocks Footlocker and Finish Line took a beating on the news.


On July 24th, Total Retail published that story that Sears…

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