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Newspaper ad sales continue to fall as Google ad sales continue to climb. The chart shown here is from a post on Reflections of a Newsosaur and clearly makes the case that ad dollars are going digital at the expense of printed newspaper ads.

This still understates the move from print to digital because so much of digital advertising is done via free or owned media which are free of media costs and therefore not measured in studies like this.

However, almost no matter how you look at the data the story comes out the same, print has a value but digital is where the smart advertising money is moving to reach today’s consumer.

Now, if you’re in charge of local marketing for a national brand, compare the move of your co-op dollars over the last four years to see if your dealers are moving as dramatically away from print to digital. My guess is that the answer is no.

Your outdated ad builder and co-op rules a probably the reasons why your dealers are wasting so much of their money and time. Your ad builder is probably really good at helping dealers build print ads and offers very little in the way of building and hosting digital landing pages to support local promotions. And you’re co-op rules probably ignore more digital solutions than they authorize.

It’s time to fix this problem. We can help.


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