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The changes in local marketing have been phenomenal in the last several years, driven by changes in consumer behavior which were in turn driven by technological changes. Well, just when you figured out the difference between a widget and an app, along comes another dramatic shift in technology.


From an article on we see this chart from Gartner and learn that PC sales will be surpassed by tablet sales in 2017.

As tablets become more powerful (Microsoft’s Surface Pro for example) there isn’t a need to have both a PC and a tablet. A tablet is designed to be portable but now when connected to a monitor and keyboard, it will work just as effectively as a desktop PC. So who needs a PC anymore?

From a local marketers point of view, this means consumers may have more power than ever in their hands as they shop for new products, even when they’re in the store. Salespeople will be better equipped too as tablet computers will become an affordable method to deliver product information to potential customers right in the aisle.

Your dealers need your content on a personalized web page more than ever. The best way to make that happen is to add the ability for dealers to customized templates within your ad builder and then host the pages for them, so you can control your brand message as you help the dealer track the results. 

The best part is that this is another way to promote your brand and your best dealers to your most likely customers without any publication costs.

We can help make this happen.

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