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How do consumers shop for your products? There is a lot of great research out there that documents how consumers go online to get product information before making a decision. Google has some great information on their site

Here is one of the many insights they share with regard to consumers who are shopping for tires. Earlier in this report they said that 46% of all consumers who buy tires go online during the process.

In this graphic they give us an indication of where consumers go online to get their information. Not surprising to us, we see that the top source of information is the local retailer’s website. Followed closely by Search Engines, which a reasonable assumption would be that a consumer is going to a search engine to find a nearby dealer.

The major point here is that brand managers who are in charge of local advertising and co-op funds should be thinking about ways to publish great brand content to their dealers’ websites, because that’s where the consumers are.

The best way to do that is to have an ad builder that allows dealers to build landing pages from templates loaded with brand friendly content and then host and track that landing page for the dealer.

The best part is that letting a dealer publish your content to his/her site is free of publication costs. Because our ad builder system hosts the landing page, managing compliance to your brand standards isn’t an issue or an expense either.

Now compare that ROI to a newspaper ad.


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