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Showrooming  is a relatively new phenomenon in shopping and it’s a tough problem for retailers to solve.  It’s when a consumer with a smartphone is in a retail store and they use their phone to find the product they are looking for online at a better price.  What’s a retailer to do?

Showrooming reasons


The above chart is from an excellent report from Business Insider and you can download it here  Click here to download a PDF version of this report→

A retailer today needs a great site and a mobile version of that site to close consumers who are in their store and online.  Unfortunately, if you’re a brand manager responsible for retail advertising, you don’t have enough budget, time or talent to build sites for all of your retailers let alone a mobile version, too.

However, you do have enough money, time and talent to add a mobile microsite output option to your digital asset management system and/or ad builder.  Once you make this option available to your retailers they can customize your great content with their local spin and deliver an in-store mobile presentation that blocks their competitors and helps close the sale.  Because our system also hosts the mobile landing page you can track, learn and adjust to every situation, in near real time.  Retailers will make it a part of their current site and, if not, Google will still find a way to present it in mobile search results.

Here’s how they end the report,

Showrooming solution

We agree! 




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