What Triggers an Online Search for a Product?

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Here is an interesting chart from BIGinsight.com that tells us what motivates consumers to start searching for product information online.

online search trigger

Before you study this chart too closely you should also realize that in a December 2012 study they found that over 85% of consumers regularly/occasionally research online before buying a product.

The chart above supports our contention that if you’re in charge of local advertising for your brand’s retailers you should be creating, hosting and promoting online landing pages with almost every traditional media effort you help your dealers create.

In your ad builder, after a dealer creates a print ad, you should ask, “Would you like a landing page to go with this ad?”  Then spin a landing page with the same information (and a little more) and host it for the dealer.  Automatically put a link in the ad and give the retailer a link so he can use this landing page on his site, on his Facebook page, in an email and anywhere else on the internet that makes sense.

It all makes perfect sense.

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