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Here’s a good post from Search Engine Watch that can get you to rethink the way you advertise locally.

Paid Owned Earned

It starts with understanding the different types of digital media available to us today.  So often when you think about your marketing budget you only think about paid media, but earned and owned can be much more valuable to you and your retailers.  It’s not just about buying links, it’s about publishing content, too.

Breaking the actual link earning process down is a really useful way of structuring the idea creation process behind any campaign as it forces the mind to reverse the “problem” you are attempting to overcome. Rather than thinking ‘How am I going to get links’ think instead what would our advocates like to find? What kind of content will be discovered and can you help this process by using seeding and influencer outreach to guarantee your key evangelists find what you are looking for.

Remember here that the channel is all about the ‘customer as the channel’ and so the process for earned is simply to carefully identify your key influencers and create content specifically for them.

If you’re in charge of your brand’s retail advertising you can leverage your dealer network by giving them the content they need to attract customers.  Let them add your great content to their Facebook pages, their site and of course, to their paid digital media buys.

A modern ad builder for dealers should offer the ability for a dealer to customize a brand friendly template for placement on every earned and owned digital media type a dealer has control over.

Earned and owned media are free of publication costs.



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