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Here’s another indication that marketers are reacting to consumer behavior by lowering their use of traditional media in 2013.

Shift focus from traditional media


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Nearly 1 in 3 marketers plan to decrease their organization’s focus on newspapers this year, per results from a survey conducted by Aquent and the American Marketing Association (AMA). In fact, traditional media occupied the top 6 areas slated for a decline in focus this year by respondents. Beyond newspapers, a significant proportion plan to shift their attention away from consumer magazines (28%), radio (24%), trade magazines (22%), and TV (21%).

Of course, they’re not lowering their total spend:

Not surprisingly, these marketers are looking more at various digital channels this year. Topping the list is mobile media, with 82% of respondents saying they’ll increase their organization’s focus in this area. That aligns with recent research finding mobile to be perceived as the year’s most disruptive media and marketing trend. Recent survey results from Econsultancy also revealed that mobile is the most exciting opportunity for digital marketers this year. Meanwhile, many respondents to the Aquent and AMA survey also will increase their focus on social media (76%) and marketing automation (75%).

So it make more sense then ever to add digital outputs to your ad builder.

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