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There is a lot to be said about the value of owned and earned media online and what drives their value is great content.  Here’s a chart that appears in an article on that indicates how much value marketers are putting on good content.

Then they make the point about content being tied to local context,

If content remains king, in an increasingly mobile-centric world, context—where consumers are, what they are doing and thinking, and how receptive they are to engaging with marketers—shares the throne. A union of the two can help drive commerce. It’s why in addition to features important to mobile shoppers such as store locators, local deal finders and inventory search functions, retailers have begun to add instructional and product videos and rich imagery to their sites—to provide inspiration, elevate the value proposition and create more avenues for engagement.

If you’re responsible for a brand’s local advertising through independent dealers you should see a great opportunity here.  Dealers need great digital content to help them make a sale and you have great digital content about your brand.

It’s time your marketing portal and/or ad builder moved from helping dealers to create great print pieces to also helping them create and host even better digital content.  And, because this content is published on earned and owned media the cost to publish is low and most often free.

It makes a lot of sense to help your retailers become online publishers.




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