47% of National Brands Plan to Spend More Locally Next Year

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According to a blog post on MarketingCharts.com 47% of national brands plan on spending more on local advertising next year and only 8.6% plan on spending less.

The post further speaks to where national brands intend to spend their money locally,

According to the latest report, brands will be placing an emphasis on digital marketing, which 67.5% of respondents rate as very or extremely important to their local efforts. Asked what digital marketing tactics they currently use, most pointed to social media other than Facebook (e.g. Twitter and LinkedIn, used by 75.5%); Facebook (69.3%); and search engine optimization (SEO, 66.2%).

The top 3 they’d like to add in 2013 are mobile marketing (used by 32%, with 35.4% planning to add it); local blogs (26% using; 31.5% planning to add) and online customer reviews (22.1% using and 31% planning use). Other tactics on the slate for 2013 include local search registration (with 19.53% planning to add it), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising (19.01%), localized websites (16.15%) and digital display advertising (14.06%).

This is really interesting information and is good news for retailers who need all the help they can get to move to digital.

We still think what they call “localized websites” is the real hidden gem in all things digital for dealers.  These landing pages connect to all the dealer’s efforts in social, search, banner ads and even to their website.

If your ad builder builds and hosts landing pages (localized websites) you will be in complete control of your brand message and be in a position to track the success of all local digital efforts.




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