Dealers Are Going Digital Without Much Help From Brands

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A recent study from eMarketer tells us that small and medium sized business are embracing digital advertising.

The article further points out that today a small business, like an independent dealer, is more likely to spend time and money on Facebook then on newspaper advertising,

Facebook has also emerged as a favored digital channel among these smaller businesses, likely due to its low cost barriers and ease of use. In fact, 52% of SMBs said they used Facebook for advertising or promotional purposes, making it more popular for marketing than newspapers (31%), community sponsorships (27%) and email marketing (25%).

Yet with all of the marketing studies like this and those showing consumers spending more time with digital media, brands aren’t helping their retailers move to digital marketing.  The best example of that is how some brands today don’t even allow for local digital advertising to be part of their co-op program.   Read more about that issue here.

The danger for a brand is that the disconnect between how a retailer advertises locally and how the brand advertises nationally will widen if brands don’t help retailers with digital.

The best way to solve this problem is to have an online marketing portal for dealers that is loaded with good digital content, especially an ad builder that allows dealers to build landing pages, and co-op rules that encourage dealers to go digital.


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