Google Gives Your Dealers a Second Chance

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Here’s a good image from the Gannett”s Online Marketing blog  that reminds me of a subject we haven’t mentioned lately, retargeting or remarketing.

The idea is that if a consumer comes to one of your dealer’s sites or landing page, Google can identify that consumer around the Internet and show a banner ad from the dealer no matter where the consumer goes.  In fact, sites like can show a local dealer’s ad to a local consumer.

Like so many things on the Internet, the cost is very low on a cost-per-click basis, the impressions are high and we can track every click along the way to develop a solid ROI.

The major challenge is to control the dealer’s microsite and landing page, so you can add the proper code and track the results.  The answer to that problem is to build co-branded dealer html pages in your ad builder and host the pages for your dealers.

We’re using this technique now on our dealer sites and landing pages and will be happy to share our results with you.

Local marketing is getting better and better.

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