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Local advertising is changing so fast and so dramatically it’s hard to organize a strategy around the chaos.  I think one way to step back and take a look at what is happening is to think about the different kinds of media we have today.  Here’s a drawing from a very good article on Search Engine Land that is right on the money.

In their view, there are three kinds of media in modern marketing:

  • Paid Media is primarily advertising — PPC in search and social, display ads, TV spots, etc.
  • Earned Media includes what others say about your company in reviews and social media channels, as well as things like organic search rankings
  • Owned Media is all digital content that you own or wholly control, such as your website, your blog, your Facebook page, mobile apps — as well as microsites and landing pages

A landing page gets special attention in the drawing because it’s where paid media lands and if you don’t control the landing page you don’t control your marketing.

It’s an old story for us.  We see clients who are willing to co-op very brand friendly banner ads for their dealers but then ignore where the  consumer goes next.  Where they go next, the landing page, is the most important step in the process.  Recognizing the importance of a landing page is huge for you and your local dealers.

The first and best thing you can do now is to help your retailers build landing pages that are loaded with great brand content and promotions and enhanced with local dealer input.  Think of an online newspaper ad builder that builds and hosts a digital landing page instead of a newspaper ad (or better yet, do both in one tool).

Now you have a system where you can connect your local retailers to your owned digital channels.  And, because the system hosts the landing pages, you can track, measure and improve every page every second of every day. That’s the definition of agile marketing.

The good news is that connecting your dealers to your owned digital media is free of publication costs.

The hidden challenge is that the power of your co-op rules and dollars doesn’t work with owned media unless you rewrite your co-op rules.  It’s time.


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