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Our Platform is a marcom portal with an integrated adbuilder that builds brand friendly traditional and new media local advertising communications for retailers.

Controlling your brand message at retail has changed dramatically over the last several years and there is more change on the way.  That’s a good thing for brand managers who can react to the advantages offered by new media instead of staying static with the solutions of old.

There are three key elements to success.  Deliver both traditional and new media outputs for your retailers from one platform, leverage the good assets and systems you already have in place and then track and react to the changing way consumers shop.

We take creative input from your team, combine it with asset systems you have in place (or use ours), allow retailers to customize each template for publishing to printers or to our online system for easy web access.  We track and react to not only the efforts produced but we also track consumer behavior across the web to make sure you’re offering the right solutions to your retailers.

Today, we’re doing all this and more with some of the best known, most respected brand names in the world.

It’s taken us over 15 years to build this platform but it will only take you 15 minutes to learn how we can leverage it to help your business.

Let’s talk.

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