97% of Shoppers Go Online Before They Shop Locally

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I’ve always felt comfortable in saying to dealers that 70% of everyone who walks into their store went online first.  I’ve gotten that statistic from many different studies.  Maybe now I should up that percentage to 97% as this recent study from BIA/Kelsey shows.


Here’s a quote from Kelsey,


Yes, I would agree that if 97% of consumers go online before they go shopping locally, we have hit an inflection point and it’s time for a change in the way we help our dealers advertise locally.   Other studies we’ve cited on this blog show that SMBs have understood this consumer dynamic for some time and now are more likely to spend advertising dollars online than in traditional mediums.   A dealer’s biggest challenges are that they don’t know where to advertise online or  how to advertise online.    And, that’s where a good brand comes in to help.  If you have an adbuilder for traditional media now is the time to add digital media outputs for your dealers.   Banner ads, landing pages for local Google ad campaigns, local fan pages for Facebook, outbound email campaigns and more.  If you don’t have an online adbuilder for your retailers now is definitely the time to start one and make sure digital is a big part of what you offer.  It doesn’t get much more definitive than 97%.

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