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We’ve written a lot on this blog about the value of buying Google AdWords locally for your dealers and the numbers are overwhelmingly positive.

However, the real key to a good Google Local AdWords buy is to control the landing page. We’ve seen some co-op policies from major brand names base the co-op payment on whether or not their name appears in the AdWord copy and they completely ignore what’s on the landing page. Most often, without any help a dealer will simply direct the consumer to their site which, of course, can be loaded with your competitor’s information.

If Google Local AdWords are effective, and they are, then to do it right you must control the landing page, even if the next click is to the dealer’s site you still have to get your message to appear first.

One of our clients recognized this problem and the solution was to offer the dealers an online “Landing Page Builder” that takes the brand’s look and feel, the brand message and allows the dealer to customize it for themselves and their market.

Now that’s a good way to capitalize on what Google has given us.

If you want to learn more, read about the importance of landing pages in AdWords campaigns here.

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