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Goodwill Industries, Dell Reconnect

I had the opportunity this week to donate and recycle a bunch of computer stuff that had been accumulating in my house for years.  I’m always a bit apprehensive about this because of privacy, with contact lists, financials, passwords, etc. which is why trust in this service is so important.

I relied upon the Dell Reconnect service with Goodwill Industries for this donation.  Dell Reconnect is a client of ours so I was able to experience a clients’ service – which is always a treat.  I donated through this service because they’ll safeguard the environment as well as my privacy.

Donated items to Goodwill. (Dog not included).

Here is my hatchback full of items: desktop tower, large screen, laptops, cell phones, external hard drives, routers, and peripherals.

After locating the nearest donation center using their website.  It was convenient to use the locator to find my closest donation center and directions.  The experience there was quick, friendly and efficient.  I was greeted by Allen who helped me unload items and presented me with a tax receipt to fill out.  I was done in two-three minutes.

A big Thank You to Dell Reconnect and partner Goodwill of Southwest Michigan!  We thank you for using our marketing portal, co-op, and website services, and for providing a valued and efficient service.

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